5 Vital Reasons for Managed Pest Control

Pest control is one of the most overlooked responsibilities of homeowners. Most believe that fly swatters or aerosol insecticides are easy cures for any pest control problem. However, the truth remains that infestations can thrive for months or even years before telltale signs are discovered. These infestations endanger not only your home, but also the health of your family and pets.

The term parasite encompasses a broad spectrum of insects and parasites that can enter the home in many ways. This makes pest control and prevention extremely challenging, with each strategy varying by pest species. There are five important reasons for having regular pest control inspections.

1. Convenience

The modern American has a busy life. Work, children and social activities are part of the daily responsibilities that distract homeowners from safeguarding their property. Even in an ideal world where homeowners have plenty of time to conduct regular home inspections, most lack the knowledge and experience to identify the subtle signs of early infestations. Professional pest control technicians look for signs of droppings, nesting or tracks in specific areas to identify and then eradicate any pests.

2. Value and efficiency

Considering that most homeowners lack the ability to identify early signs of infestation, expert pest control management is much cheaper in the long run. In just a few months, rats, termites, carpenter ants, or cockroaches can cause structural damage to a home for thousands of dollars. Most professional pest control treatments are quick, non-invasive, and are only needed once every few months.Londonbedbugs.ca

3. Do-it-yourself treatments like a gamble

Many do-it-yourself treatments rely on very strong and generalized chemicals that can be harmful or even deadly. Additionally, homeowners often misapply these chemicals by using them excessively and placing them in the wrong positions. This can harm both family and pets, leaving these homeowners unprotected from infestations. Pest control experts safely apply the appropriate amount of chemicals to specific locations for best results in the shortest time possible.

4. Parasites carry disease

The most obvious reason for regular parasite management is that parasites carry the disease. At one time, rats carried the black plague all over Europe and today they are capable of transmitting up to ten diseases. Ticks, which are extremely common in homes with dogs, can transmit Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme disease, tularemia, and can even cause paralysis and death. Cockroaches can carry up to 40 different pathogens and can survive almost anywhere. These creatures are often eager to invade and difficult to prevent, with the ability to enter homes through the smallest cracks and crevices.