Life in Northern New Mexico

At the point when I found this domain maybe I’d been called; as though every little thing about it was a fantasy imagined yet just subliminally recalled. I yearned to make the most of every opportunity and develop here, and outright ingest the insight that radiates from each precipice and ridge.

The Gallina mountain valley is a special pocket of fruitfulness in the midst of the semi-desert territory of the greater part of New Mexico. It’s a sanctuary that used to supply its kin their every need, and still does to a degree positively if the Forest Rangers don’t get you.

There are rich, excellent National Forests and BLM lands all over the place, as all through the state. However rustic inhabitants of New Mexico typically exist at beneath neediness level, when only a couple ages back, each need was provided by the land, and difficult work.

All things considered, the Gallina valley is honored with a few valuable waterway waters that conduit the town in streaming acequias (a-say-kias), supporting the verdant moving slopes and fields of the town.

Our specialty in the Gallina mountain valley of northern New Mexico is a daily existence separated, in a real sense. The nearest Wal-Mart’s is 90 minutes drive single direction. That is additionally our nearest drug store. A two-hour drive will get you to the nearest respectable clinic or specialist, or Sears or furniture store, or photograph engineer or cinema. One bank serves a circuit of 200 miles.

There are no telephone organizations, Hobby Lobby’s or drive through drive-through joints in Gallina and the encompassing towns. Truth be told, there are just two business environments in these towns. Be that as it may, there is no absence of holy places and alcohol stores.

A significant number of us ladies make our own grill and spaghetti sauce and such, and can it alongside wild plantation leafy foods veggies. I’ve never tasted a better organic product than the cherry-sized wild plums and apples in the town, or the neighborhood gag cherry jam. The wild asparagus fields are a carefully hidden fortune.

Inhabitants don’t get down to the store or drive-through to get something for dinner. Practically every day the beans are pressure-cooking and the red or green stew effectively on the table alongside the crisp, steaming tortillas.

Most cooking is done without any preparation. One day I ran out of the breadcrumbs I had dried to make stuffing for a wild turkey supper and a companion sent me a sack she had available. Had she dried them herself, however started with natively constructed moves she makes each week. Her dried hand crafted breadcrumbs made the most tasty and the best surface of any dressing I’ve at any point made.

New goat milk is bountiful, from which many actually make cheddar and margarine. A large portion of us execute and pluck our own fowl, our arms bloodied helping our families butcher goats, pigs, cow, deer, and elk. We cut the fat layer from an external perspective of the swines for chicharrone, delivering our own fat when we fry it. We treasure the heart and liver, some in any event, saving the covers up for tanning.

We use all that could be within reach. On the off chance that you see a deer or elk horn cap rack in somebody’s home, they didn’t organization it from a Cabalas inventory, they rescued it from their wellspring of meat. We assemble adobe hornos and gather corn for drying in them to make chicos, alongside vegetables to save for winter, and prepare the most heavenly bread. What’s more, the blood from hoard butchering makes the conventional morcilla, which means dark (blood) frankfurters.