Views About Life and Its Purpose

Today, people are still solving the big questions about what life is. What is the purpose of life? Or what is the future of life? Many have yet to answer, while some have finished asking and seeking answers, while some have concluded to guess life. Life seems to be a mystery to some racists. Life is defined as the ability to grow and produce new forms that distinguish living animals and plants from dead ones and from rocks, metals etc., the state of being alive as a human being or the period between birth and death. Life can be business, pleasure and social activities of the world, the periods when something continues to exist or to function. Some people say that “life is all about understanding; it’s up to you to explain what you mean by life”. This concept is only turning the question of life into another bigger question. The farmer: sees life as growing crops and raising animals for consumption and sale (income).

They spend their existence in agriculture, death ends’ everything. The prostitute sees life as the process of using sex to make a living or to make fun of sex, death puts an end to everything. A drunkard sees life as an alcoholic beverage. The rich and noble see life as the happiness and pleasure that comes from their wealth. The militant sees life as having the good fortune of being alive or dying in the peace process: either called to die or called to serve. Politicians can see life as politics and the government, the civil servant as a service. The student can see life as a study to be passed or failed. The footballer can see life as sport, fame and fun. A businessman can tell; life is all about buying and selling to maximize profit or take a loss. So, for a religious man: life can be all about worship. So, it still means that life is all about understanding; Did you still have to explain your vision of life? It can not be. This explanation has no future and no hope. It does not explain life after death, because we believe we have flesh, soul and spirit. What is life then?

Some scholars, scientists and even philosophers have been searching for the meaning of life for a long time, but they keep asking the same question.

The Vermont editor said, “In contemplating man himself … of his place in this universe, we are a little further on than when time began. We still have questions about who we are, why we are and where are we going.

A Confucian scholar said; “The ultimate meaning of life is found in our ordinary human existence”. According to this point of view, human beings would continue to be born, to fight for existence and to die. Even if it looks real, but without hope and future. A survivor of the Nazi extermination camps in World War II remarked: “Why are we here? Is this the most important question a human being faces? I believe that life has meaning despite the meaningless death I have seen.” But he couldn’t tell what the meaning of life was. Evolutionary scientist Stephen Jay Gould noted; “We may want a high answer but it doesn’t exist.” For such evolutionists, life is a struggle for survival of the most suitable death that puts an end to everything. It still seems hopeless. Dr. W.R. once said; “All my life I have struggled to find the purpose of life. I have tried to answer these problems, which have always seemed fundamental to me. The problem of eternity: the problem of human personality: and the problem of evil. I have failed. I haven’t solved any of them. “