Wild Life: Movies That Zoos Will Love

I have been to several zoos in my life and I have to say that visits to these places are always a great thing. Not only because they are filled with so many wonderful animals to see and play with, but because it helps me increase appreciation for animal welfare. I actually thought of a fun thing to do on my last visit to the zoo. Why not watch movies that zoos will be proud of? This way, it will help you reach a larger market for visiting these places. Check out my short list:

The gods must be crazy

It’s funny, to say the least, that this movie isn’t that well known. Still, it’s a great and fun movie to promote zoo defense programs. The film specifically shows what happens when an airline pilot throws a famous soda bottle from his plane. While I don’t want to spoil the story, it’s a lot of fun, which is sure to make people visit zoos more!

Lion King

Hakuna Matata – oh, what an unforgettable song. This song best embodies how zoos should be kept and managed, especially since caged animals are more prone to trauma. The Lion King also displays and teaches great family values, which are sure to help people of all ages. In addition, the film shows a great appreciation for safeguarding the ecosystem: the importance of the circle of life!


Although she was not immediately shown in the film, Ellie Muntz (the wife of the protagonist Charles F. Muntz) worked in a zoo as an aviary guide. It’s a real treat that this film can be shown in zoos (I hope so), since the film is all about keeping nature as it is as one of its highlights. Plus, who wouldn’t shed a tear at the grand introduction (Married Life)? I, for example, am among the many who consider that short segment one of the greatest in animation!

It’s a wild life out there, but by incorporating movies into zoos, it’s sure to be a safer and more fun experience. The God Must Be Crazy brings excitement and laughter, while showing that human interaction on nature can be devastating. The Lion King shows how things stand in the animal kingdom, with the added benefit of learning family values ​​from it. And Up not only shows the importance and simple beauty that zoos offer, but also mourns its viewers. Be sure to watch this movie before you go to the zoo, for a fun and wacky time! Oakvillewildliferemoval.ca